cc// Halo 3 at Milk LAN

haloThis weekend our Halo 3 team will be competing at Milk LAN #2 in Paris, France so they can show their skills against the top French Halo teams! France has a strong local LAN scene which will see the top teams descend on Paris, including The Imperial, mX and Fair Frag, who will all be competing for the €800 first prize. Our team have had to make a last minute lineup change, with LowLandLions captain Adam “Infern0s” Baig coming in for this event to replace Andrew “OMEGA” Charalambous who has had to leave the team due to a hardware failure and personal problems. The event kicks off at 16.00CET on Saturday and we will try to bring you updates of our games as they happen.

Team Captain Stefan “MVP” Djordjevic has high hopes for the event, saying “we’re going into this tournament with a roster change so we’re not as organised as we’d like to be but we’ve prepared very quickly and we’re still confident we’re a contender for first place.”

Update 1: Our team got a bye in the first round of the Upper Bracket after being seeded 2nd. They’ve just beaten D32, winning 3-0 and 50-32. They will face Fair Frag in the Upper Bracket Semi Final.

Update 2: Waiting for the Lower Brackets to finish, have made the Final.

Update 3: The boys did it again taking the final 3-0 for another win – well done and congrats!

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