cc// Halo3 adds Baxter

halo After Andrew “Omega” Charalambous departed our Halo 3 team just prior to MilkLAN #2 this weekend in Paris, France due to personal problems, we can now announce his replacement in the form of  Jack “Baxter” Baxter. Baxter joins the team as they prepare for the upcoming Multiplay i37 event which will be his first event under the cc// colours. Baxter joins the team without any major past acheivements but a great deal of potential and determination, acknowledging this but saying that whilst “I’ve never had any outstanding LAN placements, but have always wanted to get that number 1 spot. I’ve recently been trying my heart out to get it and its paid off as I’ve landed a spot on Europe’s finest, Crack Clan.” He is also full of confidence, stating “I’m really pumped about joining this team, I know for a fact MVP has proven himself as the best, the BUK twins are still hungry for the number one spot, maybe even more so myself. I can’t see anything stopping us at the next LAN event. We are the team to beat.”

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