cc//CSS returns

cssourceAfter a period away from the CSS scene we are proud to announce a team that share the same philosophy as Crack Clan and are enthusiastically looking forward to a great partnership together.

Holy had this to say:

“I’m happy to welcome a genuinely nice group of guys into the clan I hope the stability provided by Crack Clan allows them to grow as a team and break the current mold of constantly changing UK teams, I look forward to working with the team over the coming months.”

orcl had this to say:

“I’m really looking forward to working with the guys at Crack Clan, from our recent discussions it is clear that we have the same goals and look to achieve them in any way possible. The team and I are keen to progress together bearing the Crack Clan tag, and hopefully with our upcoming i-Series attendance and the EPS Season 4 we can demonstrate how well we are coming together. I’d like to personally thank all of the guys at Crack Clan, especially Holy and dox and also the rest of my team”

cc//CSS are:

  • Orcl
  • Acky
  • Choong
  • Zeo
  • Symo

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