First week in February CCGG summary

cc_weekly_update_genericThis last week has had a lot of exciting movement in a lot of areas, I’ll attempt to try to remember most of it and bring it to you here: organization-wide we’ve rolled out new standards and structures, not least of which is the addition of our Quorum, 16+ members that, between all of them represent our roughly hundred-strong group @Bradders @Crystal @custardo @dawniii @dox @Fr3nch @FroztyReaper @Greg @Irish @Pockets @Poncho @redfireant3 @Sh00rs1gn @Shaddowmaster @Smithy @Theyleon and with their help continue to run things and provide valuable feedback as we work on our 16th year together!

Next up, with the activities in Sochi some of us have been pitching in to build our own three week extravaganza for a members-only community event! From duel tournaments to races through to feats of skill and challenge across games like Battlefield 4, Chivalry, DayZ Epoch, Hearthstone, Pub Quiz, TF2, Quake Live, War Thunder and more — who will get which medals? (and hey, if you’re not a member yet, get in touch with any of our Quorum members above to come on board!)

As to more granular bits of information, we’ve got pieces which we’ll expand upon in more detail soon, but here are the quick summaries: Battlefield 4 continues to capture our imaginations and a lot of our spare time, we run “try pants” events on Mondays and Wednesdays which have been featuring strategic/tactical approaches/events, whether it’s a friendly scrimmage against our SAS pals, internal battles or squad-based excitement. We’re still enjoying the unprecedented, bizarre/welcome reality of having players from three continents (!) get together several times a week, not caring about ping and just enjoying the environment and camaraderie – amazing, unforgettable stuff.

Team Fortress 2 is next up in our short clan-wide summary and – woo! – it really deserves (and will get) a longer treatment: first up -> our Australian brothers are back with a new line up that is only one player different from the first time we ever announced them joining us — featuring @custardo @Hayze @Theyleon @Frncs @Pishk and @Gunblade — the men from down under are still in it to win it; scrimmages are already under way and going well! We’re looking forward to favourable official results and optimistic about what lies ahead. Secondly, we’re thrilled to have some folks from our previous beloved cc//Purple squad come back to enjoy some more TF2 together with @AMS @Beetle @Caoul @Dawniii @ePPz @eXys @Foo and @mici – they bring their infectious positivity and try-hard focus as well as some welcome multi-gaming to mix with the rest of us, making TF2 feel fun warm around CC again!

Last but not least, our DayZ crew is back and currently beta testing our new server! It’s a VERY exciting time to be involved -> new rules, maps, mechanics and more – don’t hesitate and come on by to participate and play, it’s an amazing opportunity to help form (and enjoy) your gaming environment; there’s already been some serious discussions and testing going on and we’re looking forward to a full, open launch soon which will surely get more details as soon as we have them.

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