cc//age of chivalry servers

On the heels of the success of our first Steam Mod server launch we’ve got some servers running the Age of Chivalry mod which is also freely available in your Steam Games list.  This is a unique melee-heavy modification which features medieval objective-based combat pitting two factions against one another in a bloody brawl that includes storming castles, aiming and firing catapaults, using siege engines, clubbing people over the head with spiky maces or firing arrows from the ramparts at the approaching horde.  It’s fantastic fun especially when played in properly communicating groups that follow the arrow, it’s also got an interesting manual/storyline which could help get you started.  Our first AOC has been completely full for a full week so we’re opening another in hopes that it entertains you as much as the first one does!

Try out any two of our London, UK based Age of Chivalry servers:

  • – Chivalry is not dead
  • – Medieval Banquet

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