cc//AS, SC2, COH and more

cc_rts_updateWith most major game releases being targeted around the holiday season it’s little wonder that summer is a bit different for gamers; not only are newer games competing with the great outdoors but they also have to hold up against a resurgence of slightly older titles.

Crack Clan is no exception: the last few weeks have experienced a growth in non-FPS titles. It started with Alien Swarm popping out and adding another title to nearly everyone that runs Steam regularly; finding a group of cc that are locked and loaded and ready to take on the infestation in true cooperative style is an easy thing indeed.

Just as everyone had barely acclimated to the top-down view we witnessed the release of Starcraft II which has a fair bit of fans duking it out with Zerg, Protoss and Terrans across the universe doling out punishing damage. We anticipate some of our players sticking through the title and heading out to compete with it so stay tuned for developments there!

Last but not least, we’ve also seen resurgence in our Company of Heroes casual gaming outfit with several old-schoolers having dusted off their installs and engaging in WWII-fashioned battles.

All said and done, with BC2, RO and TF2 campaigns still under way and a peppering of everything from CSS to Garry’s Mod and HoN/LoL it’s not exactly a quiet time for Crack Clan but perhaps slightly more accessible for others: feel free to drop us a line or seek us out on a server to come play against or with us in any of these indoor summertime online activities – see you on the battlefield!

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