cc//BFBC2 Update

Those of us yearning for a mixed combat environment and willing to overlook some of the expected issues present in a DICE/EA/BF release have been dutifully pursuing two simultaneous Bad Company 2 campaigns on two continents with great results.

On the European front our squad has managed to go undefeated on Clanbase and rise up in to the tenth position of the ladder with the focus and attention to detail that truly has the makings of something special. Team Captain cc//Bradders has the following update for us:

“The EU BFBC2 Team is enjoying a great start to Clan Base wining our first 2 matches and placing us 9th out of 37 within the Ladder. This is down to great play and commitment from the team.”

In addition it’s worth noting that there will be some openings on this squad due to work engagements and military deployments – now is your chance to get in touch and secure a position in tryouts and be part of this exciting campaign!

Not to be outdone, the North American squad has also stepped up with a surprising roster (which we’d previously mentioned had combined 70+ years of Crack Clan membership) which has managed to go undefeated on their climb up the TeamWarfare ladder and place themselves in the top 20. Not bad for a team with a relatively light schedule and a rotation-based roster, long-time member cc//Hogtyd enthusiastically contributes the following quote:

“This campaign has me really excited, after a few struggles at the start, we have pulled together a good group of players whose skills in all areas of the game have improved tremenduosly. Once again, I feel, all other clans will be talking about Crack Clan as we steadily move up the ladder to our final destination, NUMBER 1.”

Unfortunately we don’t have any openings available on this squad but are open to being approached if someone thinks they might be the right fit for a group that likes to think, try and have a good time while they’re at it.

We’ll be adding BFBC2 results to the front page shortly so that you can follow our cross-continental journey. If you’re looking to get in touch with either of the squads just leave cc//Bradders (EU) or cc//dox (NA) a note and I’m sure we’ll get back to you!

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