cc_bfbc2Holding one of the longest lived, enduring competitive histories with the Battlefield franchise it’s of little surprise that Crack Clan is talking about Battlefield Bad Company 2 these days. Will the memories of mixed, large-scale combat and specialized proficiencies tied in with brotherly sentiments be possible to relive with this title? Early indications from the beta seem promising and those that haven’t been able to play it yet will likely get their first taste of the game and the Frostbite Engine on the PC with the beta becoming available on Steam come January 28th. One thing is for sure: we’ll be putting some serious evaluation time in to this release and are lifting the rope to welcome old and new to come try it out with us as we see what the future holds. Squad up and help us take the objective soldier, we’ll see you on the Battlefield!  Say hello to cc// when you see them or send a message in our forums.

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