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We spoke of a number of upcoming announcements yesterday and today we can release the first. After placing 2nd at the Alienware Area51 Challenge last weekend at The Gadget Show Live in Birmingham, taking away £1750, the team decided that changes were needed. Jim “Mx” Smale will be moving to the role of 6th man whilst Henry “HenryG” Greer will make the move from 4Kings to slot in as our 5th player for the upcoming Lan79 in Breissure, France taking place in under 2 weeks.

Richard “Ritch” Gibbs gave the following statement:

“Sadly today we have had to announce that Jim “Mx” Smale is moving to the 6th position in the team. The reasons for this will not be hidden; we just believe he hasn’t been performing to his full capability. I’m very sad to see this happen, I would have done almost anything to make this avoidable but unfortunately as a team we decided this was for the best after reviewing demos from The Gadget Show that we just need that extra push in our team.

He will be the 6th until he decides he wants to go find another team or just stick around with us for as long as he wants. Jim is a great guy and a great player, there is no personal issues between us and we’ve had a great run just my team and I want to take our game to the next level; I hope there will be no grudges or bad blood between us.

We have been struggling to find the perfect person to fit the role and the first names that pop to our heads are obviously the players in the top teams. I decided to speak to HenryG which may come as a surprise to some people but he said he was interested and we chatted about it for a bit and discussed what roles we’d have to swap in-game and finally came to a team decision that HenryG would fit in perfectly. We’re heading off to LAN79 in less than two weeks now and we’ll be as best prepared as possible and I wish Jim and Henry the best of luck.”

Henry “HenryG” Greer gave the following statement:

“Although Crack Clan have been my number one enemy for the last 4 or 5 months I am happy to say that yes, I will be replacing Jim “Mx” Smale for LAN79. Although people will think there is some old ‘heat’ still left from the old mint team we have all done A LOT of maturing since those days and we all realise we want the same goals now. We will no longer be driven by our greed for salaries but by our passion for winning.

Crack Clan need no introduction they are one of the most successful organizations out there at the moment and I’m really excited to be a part of them. I get on great with all the players and I can’t wait to get going. I really think i have stepped up my game recently and it’s great to see people taking notice. The Gadget Show was a massive eye opener for me and I really saw how much CSS has changed over the last 6 months, you can no longer get away with ‘winging’ it on the day, you really do need your solid strats and the occasional ‘beta’ flash!

It kills me to leave my 4k boys behind as there were my little project and they have all sprouted into amazing little players, i just hope they don’t give up after me doing the old [email protected]
I had many, many offers after the gadget show, although a lot of people will criticise me for this decision, I have done a lot of soul searching and I feel this is the best path for me. I’m just going to do my G thing at Lan79, you know how I roll.

Shout outs off the top of my head: Gonzo, pakos, jez,  jacksnk, javax, HudzGreer and sad egg of course. Safe.”

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