cc//CSS Roster Update

After a series of roster changes after a decent showing at i40 Crack Clan are now happy to finalize their line up for upcoming LANs and the remainder of the EPS season.

The line up is as follows:

  • Oliver ‘Orcl’ Stubley
  • David ‘hendo’ Henderson
  • Ryan ‘symo’ Symonds
  • Nicklas ‘trumaN’ Levinsky
  • Søren ‘socN’ falke
  • Jamie ‘choong’ Day

Oliver ‘Orcl’ Stubley had this to say:

“We’re happy to import some Danish dynamite into our line-up. Having played with them for a while we are pretty confident that this will change things for the better. With the addition of trumaN and socN we’re ready to start locking maps down and are looking to improve as we progress through EPS. We will be looking into any UK/DK LANs to attend but in the meantime we are going to focus on succeeding in EPS.”

New recruit Søren ‘socN’ falke spoke about joining cc//:

“I am very happy for me and trumaN to become part of Crack Clan. We have been playing with them for the past few days/weeks and we enjoy being part of the team very much. Hopefully with the experience that trumaN and I bring to the team we can push for that next level and hopefully get a good finish in the UK EPS.”

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