cc//css to fold

Over the past few days it has become apparent that there have been major problems within the Crack Clan CounterStrike: Source line-up which has meant that our team will fold after the EPS Season II finals. These problems came out of the blue and were not expected at all as we had planned to support this team throughout the summer LAN season. After these issues we began the process of making roster changes and believed that we had finalised a new roster which then dissolved before it could be announced.

We are currently looking at the possibility of continuing in both UKeSA and the EPS until the end of both seasons with our line-up seeing as we are currently placed 1st in both competitions. In order to do this we will be looking for an eligible 5th player for both events as Erik “HaZ” Holm is going inactive and Henry “HenryG” Greer has left the team to be replaced by Jim “Mx” Smale who returns to our starting roster. This will effectively mean the line up will officially dissolve after the EPS finals in July.

What has happened has left a bitter taste in our mouth after everything that has happened but we are sill open to the possibility of supporting a CS:S team in the future should a suitable opportunity arise.
cc// will be announcing new teams in different games as we look to expand; a new website is due along with the announcement of several new side projects in the coming months. For now we are exploring the possibility of continuing in the aforementioned leagues.

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