cc//going large with Battlefield 3

It feels a little like Christmas day around the Crack Clan campfire; two of our favourite franchises are swinging along with new versions that has our VOIP servers heaving from activity and providing a unique environment that is delivering an unprecedented amount of GGs. With RO2 in swing the Battlefield 3 Beta has finally hit open status and we’ve got our soldiers putting down their other distractions and putting some serious time in to kicking the tires on this game and plotting our future.

We’ve got everything from our grizzled veterans laying down cover fire through to some of the hottest players that are grabbing #1s on the leaderboards; all trading bullets and hanging out on our Mumble and eagerly putting in hours upon hours of play. It’s also an interesting time in that we’ve got just a few spots open and are actually entertaining the rare process of trialing open recruits for potential addition to what we anticipate will be some really exciting rosters – this is no hype, it’s what we’ve been genuinely cultivating for nearly a decade.

Admittedly it can get a little hectic with several dozen people plugging away and doing everything from executing team maneuvers to trying to unlock the next goodie or achieving/maintaining their top global status but it’s crystal clear to old and new alike that this is a pretty seriously awesome title and best experienced in a place like ours that’s carried the Battlefield torch for nine years. With round-the-clock gaming activity from Europe to North America we’d like to also take this opportunity to give a big old high5 to all our Battlefield friends and look forward to more maps, more scrimmages, more matches and more fun.

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