cc//heads over to ZPE again

cc_news_zpe_lp6Last time I went to a Zero Ping event I was left with such a positive impression that I’m headed out there again this coming weekend with a few others and looking forward to another gathering with fellow punters that defy online gaming convention and opt to pack up their precious gear to head over to a low latency experience with other like-minded individuals.

The venue is the same this time around and the event is forming up to grow on past experience and deliver even more positivity this summer! With ZPE having just launched a new web site, announced several tournaments and boasting a still-growing list of attendees we’re excited to get to the hockey rink to support the LAN scene and one another. If you’re from Detroit, Montreal, New York City, Chicago, Toronto or anywhere in between and think LANs are a good thing you should pack up your gear and add to the numbers of people already heading there instead of moaning that there aren’t enough of these things kicking around.

LANs are different all over the world and ZPE is no exception, it does however offer something a bit unique: it’s Canadian in so many ways, from the venue and overall attitude through to the most important aspect: the people. A great bunch was there last year — heck, I met some stand-up blokes that ended up playing under our banner and brought themselves up to being ESEA champions – what will this year bring? Check out the site, show up to say hi and have some fun, we’ll squeeze out some updates as the event progresses if you can’t attend so fire up that browser,twitter and what not and we’ll see you on the ice!

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