cc//Intense summer 2011

Frankly, so far, it’s been a summer like no other! We’ve been so busy and are squeezing out another abbreviated update to highlight some of the stuff that’s gone down so far, it’s left a lot of us smiling from ear-to-ear and represents the change of season that always brings about new opportunities and excitement.

We returned from our Summer Gathering in the Smoky Mountains and it ended up being better than expected! We shifted ourselves around on planes, trains and automobiles and ended up at the top of the Smokies (quite literally) in an incredible four storey wooden palace which was officially named CCHQ for the duration of that long weekend. Our rosters kicked it in offline style with everything from relaxed porch banter through to hiking the highest point in Tennessee, eating huge roasts, shooting pool, enjoying a mountain view from the hot tub and strategic discussions about future Crack Clan campaigns.  We also unveiled our new T-shirt design to attending members (in the form of, yes, a T-shirt) which really crisped up our look and will surely begin to permeate throughout some of our branding material in the future!

Many many thanks to all that attended, helped and supported; it was definitely a highlight for all of us and will be repeated again in short order: when we’re not online or at LAN these events really inspire continued performance in all areas of clan life. It turns out to be needed respite given all that’s up ahead!

Read on for a photo, more about TF2, BF3, RO2 and some MOBA action!

CCHQ Phot by cc//Cobra

We’re on the cusp of announcing our new rosters across several titles — the summer TF2 shakedown is going to result in some announcements in the coming weeks but it’s not at all limited to that game alone as some of us pounded away at the BF3 Alpha and are keeping their Battlefield skills hot while excitedly planning our BF3 campaign and welcoming the return of some of our core DC/BF2 members and supporters.

Furthermore, the anticipation for RO2 this summer was further heightened by participating in the (now open, on-going) RO2 Beta which has a lot of us putting time in to the release and some awesome infrastructural activity that has our North American roster looking like it might be a bit on the large side (we are however looking to build a European squad; contact us!).

Last but certainly not least we’ve all been looking at what’s been happening with LoL, HoN and Dota2 and are evaluating/planning our entry in the MOBA genre all of which is going to, combined, surely involve an awful lot of people, activity, work and play. It’s an exciting scene that offers a real platform upon which proper chemistry and teamwork is rewarded; an area where we feel we’ve got the formula to make the right things happen.

With those days getting shorter and a little chillier we’re well-poised to take full advantage of the coming months and totally pumped up for the future. High5s and the deepest thanks and admiration to all the busy hands and minds that contribute toward building our continued legacy, we’re really grateful for your efforts and excited about what comes next!

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