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cc_short_interview_h3_prosGreetings readers! With the recent announcement that Crack Clan is expanding in to the ‘console world’ I thought I’d gather together our new HALO 3 professional team and put them in the hot seat for a little while. I hope you enjoy this piece and take me up on an invitation to follow up and comment on this article with additional questions or suggestions.

dox: Welcome gentlemen, I’ll try to keep it short as I know that I’m likely taking you away from practice and it’s generally laborious to select those characters with the analog stick and hitting the “start” key to send 🙂 Tell me: Surely you’ve met PC snobs that sneer at playing FPS titles with an Xbox controller, how do you respond to those people and do you think given the opportunity that it is in any way superior to a PC-based mouse/keyboard configuration?

BUK 57: We’ve come across a few PC guys that hate on us but there are console guys that do the same back so it’s cool.  To be honest we can’t really compare the two, none of us have played any PC games at a competitive level so anything we say will be biased.

dox: Have you ever used something like F00 f00’s FPS mod, Thumbstick grips or FPS Freek? What do you think of these?

BUK 20: No idea what an F00 f00 FPS mod or an FPS Freek is, but there’s a few console players using the grips, not many and none of us but we’ve seen a few. The grips don’t make much difference though, no one good uses them.

dox: Some people out there don’t really know how this all works, perhaps you could explain some of the mechanics: What game modes are you playing, how do you/we verify the scores at the end of the round during online/LAN matches?

BUK 20: Halo 3 Gametypes: Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball and King of the Hill.  All the major Halo 3 tournaments use MLG settings, and team games are 4v4.  Team Slayer – First to 50 kills.   Capture the Flag – First to 3 or 5 flag caps, depending on map.  Oddball – First to 250 seconds, gain time by holding the ‘Oddball’.  King of the Hill – First to 250 seconds, gain time by controlling the ‘Hill’, the ‘Hill’ moves around the map every 2 minutes.

dox: Our readers might not have noticed that BUK 57 and BUK 20 are in fact brothers – are you really twins, if so can you read each others minds and if not what kind of advantage do you have by being related?

cc_buk_brothersBUK 20: Yes we really are twins! And unfortunately we are not telepathic, but we have an advantage over a lot of people as we play in the same room with our monitors next to each other which helps on our chemistry and overall teamwork.

dox: MVP, you’re wearing the captain’s armband; could you describe to us what that means and what we can be looking forward to with this team event/prize wise? Is there any media coverage of these events that our fans and supporters can enjoy; past, present or future?

MVP: Haha, well I’ve been captain of every team I’ve been in for the last 18 months, both inside and outside the game. Organising the team for events, organising practice, signing us up for tournaments and trying to work out any problems within the team. And in-game; keeping the team focused and on the same page. And as captain, I plan to have our team attend every UK event in the coming year, and hopefully one or two in mainland Europe as well. And about coverage, for the past few events there has been game plays and commentary available online a day or so after the event for those who couldn’t make it.

dox: Omega, what’s it like being on this team, what is your preferred weapon, why, and what’s your favourite thing about Halo 3 and are there any other games that you play?

halo3_battle_rifleOmega: I’d say my preferred weapon is the battle rifle, you start with it and is useful in pretty much any situation, I’d say my favourite thing about halo 3 is that its constantly changing with all the new maps and game types being designed so it never feels like you’ve been playing the same stuff for too long. Yes I play Smash Bros, Street Fighter 4 and Shadow Run when I get the time, I am deadly on all three.

dox: In your eyes how does the 360 fit in to the world of gaming and e-sports in general? Is it the threat to PC that many people silently think it is?

Team: Well as long as there’s a community for the 360, it will fit perfectly into the scene, no threat to PC though, too many PCs around.

dox: Thanks to the guys for answering and to the fans for supporting!

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