cc//L4D Launch Party

Some of us have been excitedly awaiting the full release of this title especially since wearing the demo ragged and torn through all scenarios on all difficulty settings with a different mix of players several times over.  Though the title might not be what everyone is looking for in a video game we’ve got a surprising amount of interest (and even converts who hated it but were won over by the demo), enough such that we are planning a day-long release party to satisfy the ghoulish itch that the demo planted on us.  Release day will feature several organized cc//L4D events arranged both via the in-game matchmaker and our dedicated server which will host more controlled, private affairs.  There might be some random giveaways as well – so don’t delay, calling all casual, amateur and professional Crack Clan members: hop on in to our Ventrilo on release day and enter the L4D channels to get matched up and enjoy the title as it’s meant to be enjoyed!  See you there!

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