cc//NA 1.6 wins ESEA-O

On November 12, 2009 our Canadian 1.6 team became ESEA-O champions; with a 21-4 record they went through 13 weeks of tightening the gears in terms of strategy, roster and tactics and reaching their goal in the grand final against Team34 to take the cup home after a 16-7 score on the first map and a final result 16-6 on the second map! High fives to the whole squad who add another high point in the Crack Clan story and seem destined to overcome even greater challenges in the future.

Our long term commitment to our players, their excellence, fun, honesty and providing opportunities to facilitate gaming on all levels is again rendered as the truth and testament to our long-lived efforts to keep it solid and real.  They have risen far above expectations which were initially set out by a chance encounter on a rainy day outside of a hockey rink; our hats off to the team who can continue to expect support from the organization.

Captain cc//kazuki said:
“Through all the adversity, we pulled together as a strong willed team. Always considered the underdogs, we proved them all wrong and overcame all the obstacles in our way.”

Read on for more quotes from the team!
“This was a season full of new faces, and turned out to be full of great new opportunities.”

“Trample the weak, hurdle the dead.”

“Energy drinks are the key to success.”

The Team:
“We would like to thank all of the people who supported and believed in us throughout the season.”

Congratulations to the boys for keeping it together and pulling it through, next up on the radar is winning our next season in ESEA after move-ups and we look forward to following their progress in the months to come!

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