REDvBLU: Week 1 Summary

“The incredible teamwork exhibited by both teams embodied both the spirit and skill of Crack Clan” (cc//Atra). What better way to describe the first week of competition in Crack Clan’s Internal Red v Blu Tournament! Each team played well, fought hard, learned a lot, and most importantly had a lot of fun. There were many laughs, certainly some rage, plenty of trash talking and new experiences for everyone.

The first of the two battles fought on the opening night of this tournament was between our two European squads. The map was cp_granary, a standard five point Control Point map with a basic strategy of capturing the center, stabilizing, and moving on to the next. Representing Red (In order of final score) were cc//Danz, cc//Holyman, cc//LittleMinister, cc//Essex Boy !!, Adam, and cc//XtracerD. Their opposition consisted of cc//Bailey, cc//[email protected], cc//Humor, cc//Fr3nch, cc//twen-tee, and cc//Shaddowmaster. Throughout the match Blue failed to capitalize on several key captures and lost two rounds by pushing ahead and not watching the rear. It only took one scout getting behind them and quickly capturing two points to have Blue fall behind two rounds to nil. After what seemed to be a quick revival and resurgence of Blue’s dedication and skill, the third round was taken in a swift victory by the Blue team. Shortly after, the timer ran out and the results were finalized. Red won over Blue with a score of 2-1. However, due to Red’s use of a ringer, the score was evened out to a 1-1 tie. Congrats to both teams through this struggle.

Coming across the pond, the North American teams were off to a rough start. Red had one player drop immediately, forcing them to call in cc//Holyman to help the team out at the cost of a minus one score. Blue, however, also requested the help of cc//Mooneyes with a late arrival expected from a teammate. This resulted in a start of a minus one score for each team. Red’s final roster was comprised of cc//Alien, cc//Hogtyd, cc//Holyman, cc//Blackhawk5, cc//dox, and cc//Pengu. Blue started off with cc//Monad, cc//Atra, cc//Cobra, cc//Mooneyes, cc//Vengeance, and cc//Guncrazy. After two rounds, at the cost of starting the third without a medic, Blue swapped cc//Mooneyes out with cc//Fish #641. Despite not having a medic for almost two minutes, Blue managed to capture the center point and hold it until the medic arrived. At that point Blue pushed forward and managed to pull off a victory. The match ended with a final score of 5-0 in Blue’s Favor. After the ringer penalties, the score was conclusive with Blue having 4 points and Red with a score of -1.

Combining the scores between the two battles, Blue is currently leading Red with a score of 5-0. Next week promises similar battles between the same teams. Expect more bits lying around, more trash talk, plenty more GG’s, and maybe even some surprises! Demo’s and Videos for the first matches are in the making, look for an official announcement of their locations shortly! Once again a huge thanks to everyone that showed up. It proved to be a lot of fun in the end, and it only gets better. See you next week on cp_well!

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