cc//TF2 adds two teams

cc_2_more_teamsToday we’re excited to announce the addition of two more teams to our official TF2 roster, both hailing from Europe we think the following quotes say it all!

cc//psunfragga said:
Everyone starts their gaming career somewhere. Bucket introduced me to competitive gaming inside TF2, allowing me to play with his team despite having no experience whatsoever. It is from this initial act of kindness that I have gone on to enjoy competitive TF2 and meet some fantastic people just like Bucket. Ever loyal to his teams over the past 3 years there was no better candidate to wear with pride the Crack Clan name that is known in competitive TF2 alongside my team. Bucket brings with him a fantastic team compromised of the nicest and friendliest people you can find through gaming (aside from ourselves!) It was only right for them to find a loving home with us. Taoism was under Buckets wing as his second squad whilst being under my own for advice about medic and team dynamics. Taoism also brings his team to Crack Clan as a third squad to really get our name out there to players in public servers.

From Crack Clan TF2 to our new little brothers, Crack Clan Blue, Crack Clan Green – Welcome! Do us proud!

cc//dox said:
Unique art direction, community and overall game play combine to form the singular experience that is TF2: I’m absolutely thrilled to be celebrating Crack Clan’s embrace and extension of its commitment to this title and community! This unification strengthens our ability to facilitate and expose this brilliant game by adding some really special and capable ambassadors to our roster so that we can continue to enjoy shiny ubers, tasty sandviches and bapping opponents in the head with baseball bats. Many thanks to psun and all the other related members and staff for making this possible! Welcome aboard!

cc//bucket said:
We mystery, inc. (formerly nicey) are very pleased to become the newest team to join the crack clan community, and look forward to the fun times ahead with many of you from all of the games of the community. Don’t be strangers and come and talk to us

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