cc//TF2 EU v. ESH: Sapphire Challenge

The Esports Heaven Cup started the Round 1 of the EURO Sapphire Challenge with 32 teams signed up. Amongst those 32 teams, names like TCM-Gaming, PowerGaming, Team Dignitas, k1ck and our very own Crack Clan showed up to all compete for a prize pool of £500($793).

cc//TF2 starting off their first match against Cadrus on Badlands with a shaky start but eventually kicked things into gear and ended up winning the match 7:2 to head on and play up against the European-based club organization, k1ck on Granary.

The match on Granary against k1ck started off with the first mid-battle going in k1ck’s favor but would end in a tennis match for the control of mid until the scout combo of Tom [email protected] and Stuntz sneak their way between the cargo containers and flank k1ck getting a couple kills and distracting their soldiers so Retsh0ck could come in and finish the job.

After clearing out middle, cc// was then held off at the last point by k1ck until the crafty German Spy, Tom [email protected] snuck his way in as k1ck began to push and ended up capping the first point of the map.

Second round ending with nearly the exact same start going to k1ck’s favor following by a tug-of-war game for the middle control, but k1ck stepped up their game that round to take the second point of the map.

After winning the third round, cc// would begin with a strong start on round 4 and following through to make the score 3:1 by having one of the cc// Soldiers, Retsh0ck, clear a path and fighting k1ck so Huhy could run in and cap the final CP, eventually winning the match 5:2.

Unfortunately after doing well against Cadrus and k1ck, cc// TF2 ends up going through a tough 0:3 loss against PowerGaming, knocking them out of the ESH: EURO Sapphire Challenge.

Tom [email protected] had this to say in an interview with him after the games.

Who exactly is, Tom [email protected]?

Well, Tom [email protected] is me! My real name is Thomas and I am from Germany. With the way I entered TF2 there are quite a few people who wonder this question, usually on STV. I entered FPS gaming through CSS initially but played it casually with some friends before playing TF2 from beta. I much preferred TF2 because it made a lot more fun than CSS and I needed a game with less campers in every corner. I spent a lot of time on public servers where I originally got to know Psunfragga. She introduced me to the competitive side of TF2 from a medic’s role (probably because she wanted me to heal her in mixes!). During the days of Crack Clan first forming, Psunfragga was obviously going to take the class of medic and asked me if I wanted to take scout because she knew I had good aim and the potential to play at a high level. I decided to switch my main class to the scout, which I am currently playing since season 7 in the team. I am also the deputy of the Crack Clan TF2 team and one of the last remaining players from the first original cc// squad lineup.

What was your own and your teams mindset coming into the ESH: Sapphire EURO Challenge?

Crack Clan as a whole has had a history of surprising people during the ESH cup, notably beating Rockit who at the time were div 1 on cp_badlands. We had just finished the season and entered this cup to just kick back and play some fun games in order to support small cups. Of course we wanted to play to our best standard, but things were more casual – there were no expectations of us.

When already taking down Cardus, and then a team like k1ck, how were you guys feeling then as your third match against Power Gaming was going underway?

Cardus took the first round against us and I think Psunfragga was telling us to warm up fast so that we didn’t get knocked out in the first stage. We tried some alternative plays during the game that worked to our favour, but Cardus played very well. When it came to k1ck many of us had friends in that team. It was nice to be able to play such a warm team and we were expecting to have the odds stacked against us as k1ck are a division 1 team. We made sure that we were still going with the thought to win and in our pre-game talk we agreed to support each other well in order to compliment our strengths. This in turn meant that we got some good wipes on k1ck after breaking their weaknesses. With some luck and much focused play we managed to get a convincing win of 5-2 against them. I was really happy because I could land critical meatshots on the enemy team. It was one of my best games I have played. Quarter finals against Power Gaming lacked the same focus as we were already over the moon on mumble about beating k1ck. We wanted to give them a hard game.

What happened on Viaduct in Round 3 of the ESH Tournament?

Despite briefly discussing map tactics the night before on the off chance that we did beat k1ck, it was not enough for us to hold a win. None of us except Psunfragga had played the map competitively and it was difficult to perform at our best without having the experience on Viaduct, especially as people began to get tired and lost their team focus. Perhaps if we had dedicated more time to viaduct we could be in the semi finals as we all individually performed well on the map – our teamwork just let us down.

What’s in store for cc//TF2 EU and their fans in the future?

Exciting times lay ahead! Our fans are always welcome to join us on mumble to listen to comms and spectate our practice games if they get in contact with one of us. I really hope for more cups like ESH to be held before then. We’re going to be continuing next season of ETF2L together and I think we’re hoping to sign up to some other leagues to get the nerves of important games out of us. As ever we will be aiming to be a strong contender for playing top 3 next season.

Any shoutouts?

Huge shoutout first to my team – Psunfragga, Retsh0ck, compton, huhy and stuntz. Shoutout to An Orange & kek our mascots, aswell as to the whole nicey-tf2 bunch and to everyone supporting us.

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