cc//TF2 EU v. ESL Season!

Nearly two weeks ago the cc//TF2 EU squad took part in the ESH: Sapphire Challenge taking down Cardus and k1ck followed by an unfortunate loss to Power Gaming.

For the past two weeks, cc//TF2 EU has been practicing hard and gradually improving their game in preparation for the coming up ESL 6on6 League Season VI and the ESL Major Series Season VII.

First things first, the ESL 6on6 League Season VI will begin on September 13th with division placement matches 1 week before hand and ending before the ESL Major Series but with the prize 1st prize of 6x premium two months access accounts, a special place in the ESL Hall of Fame, and the top four placements in the Premiership Division with get an exclusive ESL Major Series Season VIII slot.

The current ESL Major Series schedule is looking like the following…
Qualifiers – August 23rd
Group stages – October 11th
Play offs – November 22nd
End of Season – December 20th

With a prize purse of €750($952) up for grabs. We can only imagine just how the prize money will play a role as being one of the key motivators for this ESL Major Season to help make teams perform well.

This is what cc//TF2 EU Captain, Psunfragga had to say in an interview…

Hey Psunfragga, how’re you doing?

Doing well! Sun is shining, rain is coming (I love the rain) and everyones happy. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Since the ESH: Sapphire Challenge, what have you and your squad been up to the past two weeks?

The past two weeks have pretty much been casual games with each other to just stay near enough to form. We know that if we spend too long from the game a lot of teamwork we’ve improved on can slip. Compton’s currently in process of purchasing a new PC so his robotic voice on mumble is not sexy enough to get huhy on mumble all the time like normal. It’s been a nice breather.

What are your expectations as you and your squad are about to enter the 6on6 League Season placement week in the first/second week on September?

I haven’t actually had a proper discussion with the team yet about how they want to treat ESL. Previous season we signed up to support TF2 within that league as I was an admin for ESL. The most interesting thing for ESL this season is that they have 2 tiered rules for unlocks – premier and div 1 being medic only with the lower divisons being nearly anything goes. I really do not look forward to hearing my scouts being shot down by one Direct Hit rocket so lets hope for division 1.

This season I think we’re signing up with the idea of trying to have some officials played before ETF2L kicks up again to fight off the nerves we get when playing a big game. It’s better to play official after official than to play practice games where you’re not always giving your 110%. The best way to describe our attitude towards it is casual, but with our eyes on the prize.

And what about the ESL Major Series Season qualifiers in August?

EMS offers a cash prize so we are wanting to qualify to play in it. This probably will be of more imporantance to us than the 6v6 ESL league. The money is no doubt motivation for us to play our best games.

Although your squad has been seeing some new faces come and go in the past months, do you believe the current lineup you have will be the one to make it all the way through the season and possibly bring in some good results?

Everyone in the squad currently remain in the knowledge that they’re expected to be playing for ETF2L’s season 8 so the lineup will be consistent for a while. Of course if circumstances change we’ll adapt to it as ever however I’m very much looking forward to seeing this teams potential come to fruition over the next months. Everyone works hard and I can say without a doubt that people put in 110% effort – It’s already starting to pay off in some games. I really hope that we bring some consistency to our strong plays for the future. With a stable roster this will no doubt happen naturally. The most important and biggest reasoning for keeping the current line up at present is that our chemistry is fantastic both in game and out of game. It’s a rare thing to achieve so I’m very grateful to everyone in my squad investing that time and trust to get to know each other.

Thank you for your time, Psunfragga, do you have any shoutouts?

As ever to my team, cc//keK & An Orange our beloved mascots, cc//Holy for bearing the worst of my frustrations, nicey-tf2 (you guys are the best!), TCM Broder eMg Fabri^ for letting me spec their games and just being nice guys. Watch out for Con and cG’DF, rising stars in their divisions.
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