cc//TF2 number one!

Crack Clan TF2 are sitting at the #1 spot currently for the high level competitive play in ETF2L. Our TF2 EU Premiership team have been turning heads this season with their strong performances. Claiming that they have not outright lost a fixture against an opponent this season, they are aiming for a pole position finish with one game remaining on their schedule against CKRAS. This game is still yet to be scheduled. Lets glance into hard working team as their path to success has been a well documented one thanks to the recent explosion of coverage from the shoutcasting scene. In the most recent (and arguably the most thrilling) match up against Team Dignitas, Crack Clan claimed a full 6 point win by a dominating come back on cp_obscure in the last 7 minutes. Many people thought it was “GG” but our team proved that it’s not over until they say its over! You can check out these thrilling matches and more through VanillaTV who provided the media coverage. All matches played showed a strong sense of domination from our team, with honourable mentions to cc//Retsh0ck and cc//Pescanova who have accumulated a large fan base now through their exemplary play.

Crack Clan vs Dignitas (cp_badlands) & Crack Clan vs Dignitas (cp_obscure)

Playing against Epsilon (who were called EU’s #1 team,) Crack Clan fought hard and lost on cp_granary with a close score 4-6. In cp_obscure they showed that they had done their homework and completely dominated Epsilon with perfect play, winning 3-0. This cemented the reputation that Crack Clan are a team that is not to be taken lightly!

Whilst ETF2L may be their main focus, Crack Clan TF2’s passion for e-sports can be seen where they participated in community cups such as Alberts Cup #6 and #7, coming 1st and 2nd respectively and earning themselves some games as prizes. Congratulations! Look out for them taking part in an upcoming ESH-Roccat cup with a prize pool of £500.

Our premiership squad are not the only Crack Clan squad who are lovers of TF2 – We recently had an internal 3v3 KOTH style tournament which saw all of our squads integrating for a fantastic night of play. Check back here for a dedicated article on this shortly, but to tease you lets just say the winners were not a “pure” TF2 team – shocking results!

In the future you may spot Crack Clans highlander team over the Winter season where they will be competing in division 3. We pride ourselves creating a friendly atmosphere where everyone can play so we appreciate your support in our 9 vs 9 endeavours!

Crack Clan Blue are still yet to play a large amount of their matches in division 3 of ETF2L after having some internet issues with cc//Bucket. Now it has been resolved, check them out in the near future with some action packed games as they are a team with an abundance of potential and charisma!

Keep up the fantastic work – Crack Clan fighting strong!

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