cc//TF2 recharges batteries

Four weeks late into ETF2L’s season 8, Crack Clan TF2 EU #1 are announcing a seasons break from competitive TF2 after playing ETF2L Season 7, ETF2L AFS, ESL, EMS and ESH cups together (so many leagues!)  As a team that was originally intended for division 4 but has achieved division 1 greatness in less than a year, it comes as no surprise that a break is needed to recharge their batteries.

Psunfragga added:
“We’ve decided a bit too late that we’re all exhausted to play TF2 together after suffering repeated roster issues. Compton is moving onto great things in real life – good luck!. M00n is chasing sexy women and parties. We recently parted ways with huhy as well. It is difficult to make such big changes four weeks into a new season at division 1 when we had hoped to still play together. No one can predict future situations. Stuntz, Tom [email protected], Retsh0ck and myself are still available to play during this season and we will be looking to potentially getting our team back by next season if people decide real life isn’t as fun. In the meantime feel free to support Crack Clan Blue & Green during their debut season with us. If you don’t hear from us before Christmas, hope you have a good one and we’ll see you in the new year!”

dox continued:
“What an incredible journey; we’d all lost our bets long, long ago as to where this division was going to end up as they simply blew our socks off. What a superhuman story of effort, teamwork, perseverance and accomplishment – though I consider pride one of the uglier human traits it’s next to impossible not to brim full of it given this team. Taking a break now given the persistent effort they’ve employed is practically too late, enjoy the holidays!”

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