cc//TF2 Rosters and More

With TF2’s fourth birthday just days away we’re proud to announce that we continue to remain hot and active in one of the world’s most loved games! Today we combine all news about our TF2 rosters to bring you a head-bonking update for the new season.

First up we’ve got the solidification of a finalized roster that most of you have already seen out there on the higher level of EU TF2. With the return of Retsh0ck back to Psunfraggas side in competitive TF2 this new team is a formation of the giants that won ESL finals just over a month ago. They have just won the Excello Pre Season Showdown Finals and now have a spot in the Invitational cup as well as having recently placed second in Albert’s Cup (VOD 1 & VOD 2). This team truly is multicultural with 3 Spaniards, 2 Israelis and 1 UK player and with awesome sites like VanillaTF2 covering the scene it’s more easy than ever to follow your favourite team:

  • cc//Psunfragga!
  • cc//Retsh0ck
  • cc//EstaniS
  • cc//HarryHook
  • cc//matnuN
  • cc//Pescanova

There’s more below about Crack Clan Blue TF2 and Mojo’s cc//community team, read on!

Crack Clan Blue finished last season on a high, winning all of their games bar a close game against 9men. They are placed in division 3 for this upcoming season in ETF2L. With a long summers break there have been some roster changes with the departure of Enef and Neocortex. We wish them well in their next endeavours. Despite this long break, cc//Blue have continued playing actively and already filled their roster spaces with new additions! We would like to congratulate cc//Hostile on moving up from cc//Green and into cc//Blue. He is joined by cc//Davesan on scout as his partner. On soldier we have cc//Eledorian joining us and cc//Leftism is playing medic part time with the rejuvenated team. Connection issues currently prevent Blue teams asset cc//Jylt from playing with them so they are currently on the lookout for a new soldier.

Their scrims during the summer show some positive potential for cc//Blue and the added fresh blood has kick started their passions for the game again. They are eagerly awaiting the next season to start and aim to be stronger than ever.

Crack Clan Green have unfortunately gone inactive after placing 4th in ETF2L’s division 5. The majority of the roster is remaining in Crack Clan; look out for them in WPTF2L where Crack Clan is participating with a community team that is the brainchild of cc//Mojo and cc//LeicesterIrish.

Congratulations on your wins cc//Blue and a welcome to Crack Clan for the new recruits.

Good luck, have fun to all our TF2 teams!

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