cc//TF2 Update

The Crack Clan EU TF2 squad has recently sparked a lot of interest within its scene with surprising results. Underestimated in predictions as an first team to fold by many, Crack Clan TF2 has been taking down teams blow after blow, earning respect along the way as they make their name through Season 7 of ETF2L. Heads began to turn during the ESH Asus Rock challenge, in which the squad had not only won lower brackets but also went onto defeating division 2 team SpA in a fast game on ctf_turbine. Despite having the whole team down in the first minute with SpA having an advantage, Crack Clan TF2 brought a 4-0 lead in the adrenaline fueled game and landed a final winning blow of 12-9. With morale running high, the next challenge of divsion 1 team Rockit! on cp_badlands was met with fantastic team play despite having recently lost to them in a previous pcw. Thanks to hard work in changing playstyles and adapting, Rockit were faced with a devastating knock out from the cup, leaving Crack Clan TF2 a well deserved win of 5-2. Unfortunately after this game, it seems team Rockit are blasting off again by folding.

In the ETF2L league division 3 week 1, Crack Clan TF2 met the favourites to win the division vTroopers. With the aftermath of the win against Rockit fresh in mind, Crack Clan TF2 steamrolled vTroopers in a clear 5-0, 5-0 win on maps cp_badlands and cp_well with strong aggressive play.

Keeping up new traditions within ESH, the recently played Sennheiser Challenge saw PENTIA/Nordic gaming received a knockout by the squad. With PENTIA being favourites to win division 2, it seems Crack Clan are now nicknamed as “giant killers” in a recent article predicting S7 week 1 & 2 by community gaming news site Resupply. With interest following the team over recent wins, Crack Clan TF2 has been promoted to division 2 to continue their successes. The bandwagon of supporting Crack Clan TF2 has now started! Due to the promotion in ETF2L, week 1 and 2 games will be played in the upcoming week and Crack Clan are now favourites to win their first two games. Come back for results on this soon!

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