cc//tf2 win Enemy Down Season 4

It’s been a while since we’ve last heard from our professional TF2 team but that isn’t to say that they haven’t been doing anything important! Our boys are still going strong and recently brought home a trophy and the £400 prize from the Enemy Down TF2 League; taking first place from Team Dignitas (former 4Kings) by never losing a point through the entire tournament and then drawing Dignitas in the finals. Team Dignitas had previously tied TmG as well and therefore: Crack Clan took the title!

Along with this solid win against some of the best TF2 teams in Europe, Crack Clan has been recognized on Cadred’s top ten TF2 teams, twice in two months! They moved from their initial placing of third in January, to second in February. Congratulations on those accomplishments guys!

Also coming up fast for the team is the ESL Major Series Season 3 Finals against that same rival team, Dignitas. cc//Moose admits that they are sure to provide a tough opponent for Crack Clan, “I think we’ve been pretty even with them recently but we both have had bad days. So if both teams play on their best level, it’s going to be tight, but it can go either way if one of the teams is having difficulties with team play.” Though it looks like Crack Clan has been in better shape than Dignitas recently; cc// has only lost a total of 5 maps thus far in the tournament where as Dignitas has given up 23. Be sure to catch this match between two of the best teams in Europe on Monday, 16/03/09 21:00 CET, it’s definitely going to be an intense one! For more information on this exciting match, check this page out!

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