cc// ESL update!

EMS Season III only has one match left! Last week we announced the rivalry matchup between Dignitas and Crack Clan. These two teams, recognized as the best in Europe, clashed this Monday at 20:00 GMT. Dignitas is coming from the lower bracket and are required to get two wins in a row against Crack Clan. Unfortunately for cc//, Dignitas lived up to their 1st place ranking on Cadred Monday night and beat cc// 2-0 with wins on both Granary and Well. Both teams displayed amazing amounts of teamwork and skill throughout this match, and it had some of the most intense mid-point battles ever seen. We’ll know the final outcome of the EMS Season III playoffs after the second match between these two titans, I have no doubt that the second match will be even more interesting than the first!

If you missed it, shame on you! You can see the shoutcasted matches at both and and get the demos from these cadred pages.

EDIT: The grand finale to EMS Season III will be held on Tuesday, 24/03/09 at 21:00. The teams have a little less than a week to prepare for their second battle. The maps have also been decided: Badlands, Granary and a decider map of Turbine! Best of luck to both Dignitas and Crack Clan!

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