cc//wishes you a happy holiday

cc_happy_holidaysWe’d like to wish you the happiest and safest of holidays, whether you be at work, at home with your family, on vacation, stuffing yourself with great food, labouring over a steaming cup of pot noodles or just browsing through Steam’s holiday discounts. To our supporters, our opponents and every gamer who is thrilled at the idea of getting online and playing with a team: we’d like to give you a high five and thanks for a fantastic 2009 full of excitement and are eagerly looking forward to another year full of action and adventure. Last but not least: a special salute to those that have granted us the continuous honour of making up our chosen family and enhancing our gaming reality with their patronage and faith — all the best to all Crack Clan members and their significant others, play safe, eat well and happy new year!

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