Chivalry Teamwork and Tournaments

FREE Weekend Update: We’ve put up a server for visitors to our site for this weekend: the password is “chopchop”, filter for “crackclan” — we hope you enjoy the game and come back to visit us again!

Crack Clan Chivalry PhalanxFor whatever reason, some of us just can’t put down this game, and perhaps fortuitously-so given the blast that we’ve had with it over the past few days. Though we’d all been enthralled by the visceral action that the game offers I’d been just dying to try a few things, one of them being a Crack Cup Chivalry Tournament to try to flesh out the concept: initial seeding in free-for-all and then single-elimination brackets that wrap the whole thing up in best-of-3/5/7’s. We held it in EU+NA friendly times with some of us waking in the morning and others going pre-dinner to chop each others heads off and we crowned cc//Fr3nch as our champion who walked away with an additional title in his Steam collection — thanks tons for the support @Rage @Smithy @Fr3nch @DT @Justice @Skullhead @Berry !

The final standings of the first Crack Clan Chivalry Cup..but it doesn’t end there! Last night being such a chilly one presented the opportunity to sit down with some of the lads and stay inside to see if we could put together a little effort in to assembling Phalanx formations without really being too rude to others — ‘lo and behold not only were we able to pull it off but we were honoured by the players on the server (LTS #04 I think) who joined in on the fun and either supported the formations or coordinated to break them apart. Probably one of the top 10 coolest moments I’ve witnessed in spontaneous online gaming — I’ve assembled a rough collage to share just a bit of what it’s like to use teamwork in chivalry making formations (and rumour has it some video exists too!)

Crack Phalanx Pockets ViewLast but not least, we’ve met some really cool folks as a result and the feeling is that we may actually have a go at something more formal: our tournament received some server help from the gentlemen at Dark Age Gaming who also just wrapped up their first season of hosting a league! To that end I’m surprised and excited to announce that we’re holding open recruitment toward the formation of a Chivalry squad that’s interested in meeting a couple times a week to get on some scrimmages and matches – hit those about and joining pages if you’re thinking about it. Thanks so much to the awesome people we’ve met so far from the Chivalry community, I know I’m looking forward to more!

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