We need your help — it doesn’t cost anything!

Smooth operations require

  • Members talking
  • Paid bills
  • Happy people
  • Recruitment
  • Servers that work
  • Fun clan events

You can help by supporting just a few habits to help these key principles along!


How you make it happen

  1. your regular posts/comments = increased Google ranking
  2. our increased rank = more web traffic
  3. more web visitors = more members, more advertising $
  4. all of the above = more fun, decreased costs

Just posting/commenting a few times a week can cover the cost for your Mumble slot!

Here’s exactly what you can do, it’s so easy:


Stay in Mumble as much as you can so that you can get:

  • More buddies to play games with when you want
  • More games being played in general
  • More recruits to keep the GGs coming

A clan is there to link you up with other people!


Comment on front page articles and look at calendar:

  • Encourages more activities, events and wins!
  • Provides entertainment for everyone involved
  • Allows the clan to do more overall

Those that organize will do more if you voice your support!


It’s not all about games, there’s an awful lot more:

  • Teach/learn about other games/activities
  • Tickle your brain with some new perspectives
  • Raise other peoples interest for your stuff

Most discussions directly benefit everyone involved!


“..but I can’t do all of those things!!”

Some times we can’t really be on every day or participate, post, or idle in an active way but still want to make sure that we’re doing our part to have servers running, have people excited to organize and play games for when we return. Without money we have no web servers, no voice server, no game servers.

In this case it’s appreciated if you can send some financial support to contribute toward our operating budget. Use the button below to set up a subscription which will help ensure our overall health without having dox chasing you down to post and idle! 🙂

You can also buy something from the Crack Clan store!

One-time Donation

On-going Subscription

Payment Options

List of donations

Your financial contribution is deeply appreciated, below is a tally of deposits made by our members since January 1st, 2013, thank-you!!

  • dox: $225.43
  • Sh00rs1gn: £30
  • Irish: $10 subscription
  • mothman: $10 subscription
  • Anonymous: $50
  • Shaddow: $42
  • Crystal: $25

Activity report

The following tables are computed in real time to reveal activity levels for people that are in our Members Only Group. There are more reports eventually coming that will share statistics and mark levels for all of the activities listed above.