cc//Announces New CSS Team

After recently removing the previous CounterStrike: Source line-up, Crack Clan is now able to announce their replacements. Previously known as the former Veritas line-up of 2009 the team have now reformed and are looking to push on to the future.

The team had the following to say on their move to Crack Clan:

“Hey, for those that have forgotten us we were the former Veritas line up, we disbanded around about this time last year, and since that time most of us been doing odd bits and bobs and whoreing wow :D.  We decided that we wanted to reform the Veritas line up and get back into the competitive side of CSS.  Over the past month we have been playing together just to get the feel back for the game and basically dust off any cobwebs that might be there that a large gap of not playing brings, and right now its going great, the chemistry is there and the k33ness is still there which is awesome.

As a team we want to keep to the same ideas and values as with the previous line ups, hard work and dedication and to achieve towards a goal, this is how we had success before and we know that this is the way to approach it again.  Now more than ever we are all excited about getting back into the swing of things and just enjoying playing together and progressing as we did before.

With that said we now have a great step in which all of us are excited to take, we have been picked up by the well known organisation of Crack Clan, Crack is a fantastic org which I think suits us well as they share the same goals and thoughts as us and I know we are the right team for them to really push for great things.

We decided to pick admire up as every one in the team felt with his recent LAN placement and improvements as a player it would be a great opportunity for him to progress and achieve.  As a team now we want to look toward the upcoming Multiplay i Series LANs and the next EPS Season, our main goal is to attend as many LANs as possible especially in Europe and really push the team to see what we are all capable of.

With all this said we would like to thank Crack Clan for giving us this opportunity, and we all look forward to playing again.”

Crack Clan are;

Richard “raisins`” Shepherd
Sadegh “ShadowmaN^” Mzadeh
Chris “jai” Waud
Matthew “Mr.K” Kirkham
Josh “admire” Sharp

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