Crack Clan announces professional division

BRIGHTON, UK – Crack Clan Ltd is pleased to announce the creation of a professional division and the appointment of Luke Cotton as Director of Professional Gaming to lead them into their first engagement within the professional e-sports arena.

With over ten years of experience amidst countless campaigns of varying calibre within the amateur environment Crack Clan will be leveraging their legacy along with UK-born Cotton who brings his considerable experience in e-sports to the team. His impressive career shot upwards most recently within the role of CEO for Epsilon eSports which has been a powerful force within the worlds of Battlefield 2 and CounterStrike:Source.

“After over a decade of playing competitively while bumping in to professional teams I feel that moving toward satisfying our performance-oriented objectives is a logical step in our natural evolution” stated Marek “dox” Pawlowski, team founder, who also added: “The lessons we’ve learned over the years in running a thriving, healthy community give us the patience, focus and ability to build a proper professional division which will satisfy our sponsors, affiliates, members and fans.”

Luke Cotton had the following to say: “After spending over a year working on Epsilon, it was going to have to take a very special offer to tempt me into working for another organization as it was not something I was looking to do. However after speaking with both Glen and Marek over the past few months, and knowing them from playing for cc// at i31, it became clear that Crack would be the perfect place for me to advance my eSports management career and enable me to dedicate myself to running a professional organization to the best of my ability. Crack offers a certain stability that was not present in Epsilon, as well as excellent financial backing which will enable us to send our players and staff to every major LAN event. A key part of my decision was the presence of not only English speaking management who are dedicated to the team but also of having a fixed base in Brighton. I am particularly pleased to be working again with Marc and the rest of the former Epsilon CounterStrike: Source team after our fantastic experience at The-eXperience in Denmark which I hope to replicate. I would like to thank both Glen and Marek from the St. George Group for this excellent opportunity and chance to transform Crack into one of the leading powers in eSports, as well as our sponsors PowerGaming. I would also like to wish the best of luck to Epsilon, especially to Aris “Olympus” Broumas to whom I am very grateful for the opportunities he has given me and for his understanding in this move.”

Juho “Moose” Pättö, the captain for the Team Fortress 2 division added: “We’re extremely glad that Glen, Luke and the rest of the team at Crack helped us to get to the PCGamer Showdown at such short notice. We are really looking forward to representing Crack here at PCGS and hopefully this is just the first of many TF2 LANs to come. With the strong lineup we have assembled we are ready to take down the best teams in the TF2 scene. Of course, we will also continue playing in various online leagues and cups, such as the ETF2L Division 1, Clanbase TF2 OpenCup and the ESL Major Series. I am confident that we will get good results whilst playing under the Crack Clan banner and that this arrangement will benefit both us as players and Crack as an organization.”

Marc “Virp” Corban, captain of the CSS squad had this to say: “After a long and successful season with Epsilon, we are pleased to be joining Crack for the upcoming season. It seems to be a professional project with some very interesting perspectives and objectives. It was extremely important to us that Luke had decided to move to Crack and that gives us much more confidence in deciding to join. After RpK’s and Niak’s departure, we decided that it was important for our group to have a new challenge.”

The first test of the team will be on September 27th and 28th at the PC Gamer Showdown LAN held at Stoneleigh Park outside of Coventry in the UK where the Team Fortress 2 squad, formally known as Interrobang will be aiming to deliver a podium placement to take home part of the £15,000 prize fund. This will be followed a month later by both the CounterStrike: Source and Call of Duty 4 squads in Epinal, France competing at MAXLan during the first weekend in November. The CounterStrike: Source squad, formerly of Epsilon, will be aiming to repeat their first place performance from The-eXperience in Denmark. Crack’s Call of Duty 4 squad comes from the ashes of H2k-Gaming, and includes former Tek-9 star and Call of Duty 4 Player of the Year at the eSports Awards, Antonin “OZWALD” Grenier.

Players that have been signed on to the Crack Clan professional rosters are as follow:

CounterStrike: Source:

  • Marc “Virp” Corban – Team Manager
  • Geoffrey “KrO” Bernard – Team Manager
  • Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans
  • Floran “crZ” Thoumelin
  • Ludovic “Shokkk” Martin
  • Vincent “Emstqd” Cervoni
  • Thibaud “Tac” Laganne

Call of Duty 4:

  • Cyril “Teemu” Bescombes – Team Manager
  • Thomas “arEs” Dessaint – Team Manager
  • Leonard “rukkae” Alzeto
  • Romain “xandeR” Lopes
  • Mathieu “woken” Ruiz
  • Fabien “tigii” Le Guen
  • Antonin “OZWALD” Grenier

Team Fortress 2:

  • Juho “Moose” Pättö
  • Christoffer “Glufse” de la Motte
  • Kalle “hymzi” Honkala
  • Jani “Jambo” Antikainen
  • Antti “kyynel” Kinnunen
  • Tommi “snifz” Saarinen
  • Anssi “humis” Ansumaa

Management team:

  • Marek “dox” Pawlowski, Founder, CEO
  • Glen “Coolshot” Eliott, co-Founder
  • Adam “Zeuz” Weldon, Community Director
  • Luke Cotton, Director of Professional Gaming

About Crack Clan Ltd

Crack Clan Ltd is a professionally competitive e-sports team with headquarters in Toronto, Canada and Brighton, UK. It manages both professional and amateur gaming experiences especially within the realm of: Battlefield 2 (EA), Call of Duty 4 (Activision), Counter-Strike (Valve), Counter-Strike: Source (Valve) and Team Fortress 2 (Valve).

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