CC AU vs Very Bad – Semi Final Clash

cc_auAs you may already know, CC have recently expanded to Australia in the form of a brand new CC team (CC AU) who will be playing their first match under the CC moniker in a few days time (Sunday 28th April) versus the team known as “Very Bad”. Here’s @Hayze with the lowdown on the showdown:

“Myself and the team are feeling fairly confident about the upcoming semi-final against vb. Recent we have been making great improvements to our game and have been working hard to round off our season to get the results we aim for. On the other side, word is that vb themselves haven’t been practising as of late as well. But who can argue with results? The last time these two teams met in an official vb stomped us 0-5, 4-3 on granary and viaduct respectively. This time around it will be snakewater, badlands and a process decider so it should be a good game.”

I’d like to urge all CC members who are available to tune in and support the guys, we’ll have a mumble bot set up and the game will also be casted on GreaverTV at around 13:00 CET on Sunday 28th April

In other news, the CC Youtube has started to get into the groove of things and is nearing 1k subscribers. Heres a few examples of what we have to offer:

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