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As CC yellow begin to settle into their stride and the Crack Clan Store begins to bubble, it’s a good time for a new addition to the Crack Clan family. The Australian scene is the most vibrant group of TF2 aficionado’s in existence (after Europe & NA), boasting a number of different leagues, LAN’s and events. After months of careful consideration CC have decided to welcome CC AU to the fold, a passionate and dedicated group of individuals who have a lot to give. Here’s team leader Hayze for the lowdown:

“As a close follower of the European scene, I have always been aware of Crack Clan’s existence but never knew how much more there was to the team and what they wanted to achieve for themselves and the community. So we are very excited to become a part of it all and look forward to showing the rest of the world what Australia has to offer” cc//hayze, team leader

CC AU are @hayze @pishk @custardo @Omen @jangbanger @Francis. @Theyleon, a close-knit squad of grizzled TF2 veterans who have been enjoying some hard-earned success in the OWL & ozfortress leagues. The core of the team has been around for just over a year and theres been a recent infusion of new blood to take their game higher. Here’s dox for his motives behind the pickup:

“It’s already hard not to get too excited by the prospect of realizing true ’round-the-clock competitive gaming, but debuting a new initiative on a new continent is just exhilarating. Adding the compound effect of the personalities involved, the effort they’re putting in and the vision we share for involvement in the TF2 community at large makes for a compelling start! I’m really excited and genuinely feel lucky to find that our current campaign to raise the TF2 bar is opening doors to meet people like this; following the global Crack Clan story this season is going to be a handful!” cc//dox, CEO of CC

As much as they’d love to play all of their games in our mumble, 300 ping makes reactive calls difficult and latency/connection issues plain troublesome. I’ve been assured they will pour all of their non-comp time into the CC united mumble, so if you see any of them lurking around give them a warm welcome and get to know them a little.

In other news, ex-CC Blue scout LilCeder has made the jump over to Purple and will be starting for them full-time; with ETF2L season 15 looming just around the corner, it’s never been a better time to bolster their squad and hopefully their cohesion and success will respond quickly. Provisional divisions are out Friday and should give all of the European CC teams a good indication of what to expect over the coming months.

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