cc//Celebrates RO Campaign

With four and a half years of war behind us and an announcement about the sequel’s release date we are closing the books on our longest-lived campaign in order to rest up and gather ourselves for the continuation with Red Orchestra 2!

From humble beginnings that started with beta testing the game before release, we find ourselves today celebrating an unprecedented achievement which took us from the lowest levels to the highest of accolades. Kicking off in March of 2006 it took nearly 75 players across two continents, countless scrimmages and matches to sustain the fight, maintaining our reputation for tough but friendly competition with emphasis on camaraderie while having fun.

We’re preparing a proper retrospective which contains the match record, further statements and complete roster acknowledgment. Until then, here are a few choice quotes from some of our leaders while the rest of us stay on pubbing, playing EFC or other games with the rest of the org:

NoOutsTwice: “When the fadeight RO team folded, five us came to play RO here with the crack clan: Power, Hans, oberst, Hazard, and myself. We found a terrific group of people here at cc//; very diverse, but united in embracing the cc// ethos of fairplay, free expression, and the general friendly yumminess that pervades our clan. To this we added our own unspoken maxim for RO: ‘everyone plays, noone quits’.”

Hans: “I have thoroughly loved playing Red Orchestra with my cc// clanmates over the last 4.5 years. The camaraderie through the good times and the bad times was indescribable. I have made lifelong, quality friends from around the world I would never have met otherwise. Special thanks to dox and the other cc// admins for this awesome competitive forum where we can meet and play!”

Tina: “i’ve loved being part of the Red Orchestra team, i’ve met good friends here in the clan world wide. Thanks for the invite to this clan and I plan to carry on with the squad in RO-HOS. I would also like to thanks dox, Hans, Cobra, NoOutsTwice, Skullhead for all their help in the squad. cc// has given me one of the best gaming experiences and thanks for the opportunity”

We’ll have more information about this epic campaign soon and it is with great excitement that we await Tripwire’s release of Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad and looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield again!

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