Crack Clan CS at ESL Extreme Masters III Global Finals

The groups for the ESL Extreme Masters Global Finals have just been drawn, and our CounterStrike 1.6 team has been placed in Group B alongside WeMade Fox, Alternate, Fnatic, X30 and Team EG. The matches have kicked off, and as expected we suffered a heavy defeat to the European Finals runners up Alternate. However, the team quickly recovered to beat American superstars Team EG, of complexity fame 17-13 to start our ascent up the scoreboard.

Crack Clan [5:25] ALTERNATE []
Crack Clan [17:13] Team EG []
Crack Clan [9:21] Fnatic []
Crack Clan [16:14] x30 []
Crack Clan [10:20] WeMade FOX []

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