Crack Clan cs1.6 WINS Inferno Online

This weekend our CounterStrike 1.6 team will be competing at the Inferno Online Finals in Stockholm, Sweden. The team will be playing in the second half of the tournament, so their games will start at 9am on Sunday morning. The winner of day 2 will play against the winner of day 1 in the grand final. We’ve been drawn in a group with adubbelvepe, iNETKRiGARE & madeforthis, and following that the top 2 teams in each group will be a single elimination knockout stage. It’s not yet known whether the knockout will be bo3 or bo1 other than the Grand Final which will be best of 3 maps.

The prize for 1st place is 30,000SEK and a qualifying slot to the IOL finals, where the 4 competition’s winners will compete (the date of which is still to be announced).

The team have arrived in Stockholm and are bootcamping at the centre thanks to budak from IOS, and for up to date updates you should follow us on twitter. You can see how the tournament unfolds on the Inferno Online site, and HLTV ip’s will be available on

Update: Our team came through the tournament undefeated to take home the first place prize, beating Lemondogs (a mixteam of former SK Gaming players) in the final 16-7 and 16-4.

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