Crack Clan ETF2L Season 13

In all these years of supporting Team Fortress 2 (and many other titles) I’ve been fortunate enough to closely witness and facilitate the heightened excitement and level of game play as our teams have managed to break in to the higher level of competition. Our season 13 playoff entry has presented an opportunity for us to try something just a little bit different this time and try to share this experience by providing unprecedented levels of access to a premiere level team as they try to wrap up the season and take on some the highest level of competition available on the planet.

Wise or not, win or lose, we’ve assembled a Crack Clan ETF2L S13 portal which holds every article, video link, demo, log, config file, HUD and some more goodies which will let you come along on the trip with us as we analyze and attempt to improve our game and put on a good match for everyone when the official hits on Thursday. Use it to catch up on the season, study our every move, take things for your own team out of it, or whatever – we’d love some feedback on the subject as well, we hope you’ll join us in cheering on yet another high level TF2 competition!

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