Crack Clan General Round Up

cc_general_round_upIt’s been a while since I tried to provide an update that covers the widest angle, so after getting the store launched and while still holding on tight to the incredible stuff going on our YouTube channel like our TF2 Close-Up series and Bloopers there’s a bunch more going on yet..

This weekend we’ve got @Admirable and @panzer-xiii ‘casting for charity with the Tip of the Hats fundraiser which seeks to support One Step Camp and give some kids with cancer a friend-filled camping experience. There’s a great schedule of activity and list of giveaways which you can participate in by heading over to their twitch channel all weekend long –- we’re involved even a bit more deeply with our prem squad staging an exhibition match against the newly sponsored North American TF2 HRG squad which you won’t want to miss!

cc_dayzBut it’s not all about TF2, we’ve also got a pretty mind-spinning range of activity going on including DayZ which is getting some pretty serious attention from some of our community, @Poncho @killer87 and @FroztyReaper have created a successful service instance which involves a little bit of monsters, a bunch of role playing and a heck of a lot of customization. We launched a DayZ portal that goes in to much more detail and gives you the ability to apply so that you too can participate! Check it out — as seen on thekenburtonshow The Best DayZ Servers!

It’s also interesting how (once most people got Bioshock out of their systems) we’ve returned to taking on titles we’ve really liked in the past and give them a breath of fresh air, this may be the reality going a few months forward without big releases on our collective radars..?

minecraft@Essexboy launched a Minecraft / Feed The Beast server which is holding up well and has a fair bit of cc// running around, moving blocks and discovering the amazing things the mod has to offer. We’re always open to meeting more gamers that have a wide variety of interests, including Minecraft, so if you’ve bumped in to our site somehow and are looking for a group to chill out (and/or compete with!) then please read about us and check out the joining page.

A recent deal held on Battlefield 3’s Premium Pack has also had some of us return to trade fire across what is now 29 maps and 15 game modes and the usual cacophony of warfare which has proven to be more enjoyable than it was back when we supported competitive rosters in the area.

Chivalry -- ouchThere’s still rounds of Chivalry going on though the competitive side of it has been put down, we also laid our GW2 Guild to rest this week after a bit of a mixed experience with the MMO title. Last night I re-visited Red Orchestra 2 across the ocean along with long-time cc//RO members @French and Goal and had a blast with the new game mode and can’t help but wonder where the game would be now if it were released in its current state – it almost seems inevitable that we should organize some kind of RO2 reunion..

Beyond that, there’s some poking around with the Company of Heroes 2 beta and even a bit of a venture in to F2P title Warframe with folks like @Shaddowmaster @Bradders @sh00rs1gn and more ganging up to kills swarms of baddies together.

Last but not least, plans are kicking off for summer activities including another i-series event in the UK and a possible return to Canada for another unique clan Gathering, this time with a wilderness vs urban theme! Along with the usual hilarity, existential discussions and random DJing in our VOIP server I’m glad to say that almost 15 years later it’s still hard to find a dull moment here at Crack Clan!

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