Crack Clan General Update

It’s been a fairly busy couple of weeks, thought it might be good time to update everyone as we poke our heads out of a blurry game-laden stretch.

First mention has to be that a bunch of us Battlefield fans got together on the North American side and went with a private-style buy-in tournament that took us through the infantry-worthy maps as a response to the total lack of competitive outlets available for Bad Company 2 Vietnam — if the competition isn’t out there why not make it in here?  Short version of the story turns out that without exception every single round of every single map was a tense, close and stupendously enjoyable experience that lasted a few weeks and ended tonight.  Hats off to the most amazing bunch of guys who made this possible and also carry the staggering statistic of over 70 combined years of Crack Clan membership, no one else on the planet has that.  Vengeance, Ranger, BlackHawk5, Smithy, crazy, Havoc, Hogtyd, Klegg, skullhead, red, Alien, Cobra — you guys are awesome, thanks so much for extending the life of the game and making this happen.

Therein lies just one little part of the Crack Clan experience which goes really deep: our TF2 teams, having exceeded many personal and divisional expectations last season are back in to ETF2L’s competitive reality for season 9.  With paroxysm getting placed in the Premiership division, Blue in Division 4 and Green in Division 5 all teams are working hard and pursuing a high placed finish. Keep looking here for upcoming information on other leagues and competitions they partake in!

The news continues with another bit of homegrown goodness — it seems a few BSG and closet Eve fans as well as a few other danglers have latched on to Battlestar Galactica Online: forming up a proper wing and taking it on in a big way!  It’s our latest official division that’s opening up recruiting soon and gives you a chance to come on in and play along side another really awesome group that’s always on comms, active in forums , eclectic in nature and making the most of our well established history to leverage their teamwork and individual abilities across the galaxy for a good time.  To top it all off: the game is frakking free!  Keep your eyes peeled for recruitment news and help build a stronger wing in BSG!

Last but far from least we’ve got the SC2 crew that continues to exceed, excel and epitomize the Crack Clan legacy: from humble beginnings this division is hammering forth a very strong show through ESEA and continuing on the NA LAN circuit and earning their way in to more events on and offline as well as casting and using teamwork to try to increase their edge in the competitive arena.

I know I’m biased, but with as much objectivity as I can muster: the place is hopping, this update wasn’t long enough (apologies to L4D2, RO, Minecraft and other movements that didn’t make it in to this post) and there’s so many examples of cc putting it together to make it happen: you’re definitely missing out if you’re not tagged up.  High5s and big ups to the whole crew, thanks to all including the haters and lamers, see you on the next update!

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