Crack Clan Greets Paroxysm

We are pleased to announce that we are welcoming team Paroxysm to Crack Clan as its main competitive TF2 squad. With strong results and a solid history, Paroxysm have shown themselves to be a fantastic addition to our competitive rosters for their upcoming spring season.

Demsii, their founding leader comments:

“We’re very happy with the opportunity that has been given to us. Personally I already have had a good impression from cc// due to some of it’s former members and we’re happy to associate even further with them.

As a team we have been been together for almost 2 years now. Every team obviously have it’s ups and downs, but we’re still going strong and are very dedicated. We are quite multicultural, having players from all over Europe. Jorman and I have been playing soldier together a while now, with Darkman complimenting us when we’re away. Prozak and Droso have become a nice scout pair together after Hykleri moved to a backup spot. Misa has been our medic for a long time now and we’ve added Psunfragga to play when Misa is working. Spary is our newest active addition as demoman. We have Cheez, Monkiainen and Norris being longstanding members of our team and they will be joining us at Crack Clan.

After an unfortunate playoff against Gamerzone for a Premiership spot in ETF2L, we’ll most likely be playing Division 1 again. We have sent a strong message to premiership teams that we can compete with the top level we will be looking to gain automatic promotion to Premiership at the end of the upcoming season by coming top of the tables. ”

cc//dox, Crack Clan Founder and CEO adds: “We just keep on keeping on with Team Fortress 2 and I am positively thrilled to see that the community continues to attract the kind of individuals that are much more than just skilled players. We’re all excited about tagging this crew up and continuing to build and support unequivocally fantastic experiences that will contribute to our legacy.”

Crack Clan TF2 EU are:
cc//Demsii (Soldier)
cc//Jorman (Soldier)
cc//Prozak (Scout)
cc//Spary (Demoman)
cc//Misa (Medic)
cc//Darkman (Backup Soldier)
cc//Hykleri (Backup Scout)
cc//Psunfragga! (Backup Medic)
cc// Cheez, Monkiainen and Norris (Inactive but still loved!)

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