Crack Clan Launches NoCD Initiative

Crack Clan announces the launch of No-CD divisions to be participating in both amateur and professional competitive arenas in order to further broaden their repertoire of providing all types of gaming experiences.  Several COD4 servers are being provisioned for this initiative in order to begin the roll out and attract more gamers in this regard.

“At first we spent our time fending off people that would come to our forums and message us about cracked servers” stated dox, CEO of Crack Clan Ltd who continued: “but once it became obvious that we were well positioned to take advantage of this we started looking at it differently.  It all really started ‘clicking’ when we realized that the majority of rule sets didn’t require legitimate copies of the game in order to play.  Combined with the fantastic search engine traffic we already get we’re convinced that this is something we can pioneer successfully and change the face of gaming forever.”

Applications will be posted on the forums later today.  EDIT: Happy April Fool’s Day!

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