Crack Clan on the Brink

Brink has been making the rounds from a lot of pre-launch hype to controversial reviews and oodles of speculation. With the North American release just barely behind us we’re proud to announce the creation of our first competitive roster consisting of talent which already holds strong COD4, TF2, QL and ET backgrounds. The following players will be representing Crack Clan in what we hope will be a successful, long-lived campaign both on and offline:

  • cc//DeTh
  • cc//Karka
  • cc//RedShift
  • cc//Dennisthemenace
  • cc//Slnt
  • cc//Paintrain
  • cc//The Black Scarab
  • cc//Unlucky

We also anticipate the creation of an additional NA squad with EU support following shortly thereafter. We invite you to join us on our public server ( to get some games in and meet the players!

Team Captain DeTh had the following quip to share: “We are excited to bring Brink into Crack Clan Family of games, and will carry its name with respect across our campaign of matches and tournaments. See you all in game.”

We’ve never officially adopted a new game so rapidly which just might be testament to Splash Damage’s team-friendly offering and the initial community reaction. Good luck to the new squad and stay tuned for more news from the Ark!

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