Crack Clan removes CSS Pro Division

Crack Clan announce that after joining us in September with the launch of our professional division that we are now removing our CounterStrike: Source team. Things were looking up after a poor performance at MaxLAN after the addition of Damien “MaleK” Marcel to the lineup, with the team reaching the latter stages of the Enemy Down Winter Eurokrieg and the Upper Bracket Final of the Clanbase EuroCup. Unfortunately internal complications have meant that more lineup changes would be required and this progress would have been lost. With the start of the 2009 season fast approaching Crack Clan are looking at it with an eager, optimistic eye and as such will be announcing our new CounterStrike: Source lineup in the next few days.

We would like to thank the players for their efforts and wish them good luck with their future projects.

Crack Clan CS:S was:
Marc “Virp” Corban – Team Manager
Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans – Team Captain
Floran “crZ” Thoumelin
Ludovic “Shokkk” Martin
Thibaud “Tac” Laganne
Damien “MaleK” Marcel

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