Crack Clan Store Launch

cc_store_opensRaising funds and generating revenue for e-sports initiatives is an often elusive pursuit, providing an easily-accessible downfall for any budding organisation. The well trodden path consists of a dazzling myriad of available options such as seeking sponsorship, assembling mega teams; rolling the dice to pull tournament winnings, or as we’ve seen recently, push toward crowd funding and hope that you receive enough donations in order to achieve your goals.

The expenses at Crack Clan are not unlike most others: web/game/VOIP servers, travel, event tickets, accommodations and so on. When we sat down to explore our revenue generation options we had to ask some hard questions..

..are donation buttons really the only reliable way to pay for things? crowd-funding, the way we see it in TF2 right now, just e-panhandling? ..can we provide better value for contributors money?

Framing these types of questions within our drive to raise the community/e-sports bar in terms of experience and expectation brought an answer we’d like to introduce to you today: it’s not brilliant, it’s not a new idea, it requires more effort than other solutions, but we think it delivers..

It is our pleasure to announce the Crack Clan Store, a way that you can support the organization and also receive something tangible that’s cool or fun and arrives at your doorstep as soon as shipping allows – with 100% of the profit going straight back in to operating budget.

We’ll be trying to roll out quality items as time progresses and are also keen on hearing your feedback and ideas as to what we should/shouldn’t be doing with this! Here’s a few items you can expect to find at the store:

Limited Edition TF2 Mug, featuring headshots of our current prem lineup Crack Community Mug with every active member represented (as of April 1st, 2013) Crack Shot Glass for celebrating those wins with your team mates
Crack Fortress Mug 2 Crack Community Mug Crack Shot well as hoodies, notebooks and more! We’d also like to invite all of you to sign up for our spam-free mailing list which we will use to occasionally inform you of significant events/items that have to do with Crack Clan!

We hope these find you well and would like to thank you for continuing to participate in our online adventures! Click through the jump to see some more photos!

Crack Clan Items


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