Crack Clan Switches COD4 Roster

After a period of inactivity, Crack Clan can announce that we have decided to release our Call of Duty 4 team, but we are also able to announce their replacement!

After placing 4th at MaxLAN, and then 3rd at Gameland as a mixteam, using manager Thomas “arEs” Dessaint, and also Raphael “RaigeKi” Nunes as a last minute replacement, a number of players decided to stop playing COD4 for personal reasons. Whilst they again managed to compete and place 2nd in the CEVO Cup, motivation and stability was still lacking. Therefore, we decided to look for a more stable line-up but would like to wish our former players the best of luck for the future and thank them for their time in Crack Clan.

The team that will be replacing them is that who defeated our former line-up at Gameland, and were also the Crossfire Challenge 5 Champions, Exabyte. Previously playing as FatGames and ATS, this squad contains a wealth of talent which is proven on the international stage, so we had no hesitation in adding a roster of this calibre to Crack Clan.

Jasdev “JUSZN” Virdee, Ryan “Duffer” Duffy & Chris “nreo” Mead were all part of the team that competed at the Winter LANs, and they are joined by 2 COD2 superstars. Daniel “L-KiNG” Luther had been playing COD4 with SK Gaming and Speed-Link before joining up with Exabyte recently. He represented Speed-Link in COD2 as well as Tek-9, with who he won the sole WSVG stop in Dallas in 2007.

The second and newest member of the team will be Nick “solz” Schurink, who joins Crack Clan in the role of sniper after showing the potential to replicate his level from Call of Duty 2, where he played in digitalMind and Serious Gaming, winning SHG Open and placing 3rd at Wonderbase in 2007.

Being able to add another UK based lineup is a great advantage for us, and we will be competing in both the ESL Pro Series Season 2 and UKeSA, as well as any upcoming LAN events. The team is expected to make its debut at Multiplay i36 in April.

We would like to wish both our new & old teams the best of luck and hope for a successful 2009 season.

Jasdev “JUSZN” Virdee gave the following statement:
“Since rzE went to canada, we’ve been searching for a suitable replacement to keep up the calibre set by the previous sniper, and its with great pleasure to bring in a well known scoper who’s recently decided to take cod4 head on, and on a competitive level. The player taking up the role is none other then Nick “solz” Schurink, a level headed, and deadly player in every sense.

A decent amount of time has passed with my team, giving each player the chance to go away & chill out. Im pleased to say we’re back totally refreshed and ready to jump into the deep end along with the vast amount of new teams forming each day within the COD4 community.

Alongside the introduction of solz, comes the beginning of what i hope to be a very successful era with Crack Clan. I look forward to working alongside the cc// crew, and the finalized line-up.
See you in the server peepz! <3″

Nick “solz” Schurink gave the following statement:
“It has been a while since I decided to take a break from gaming, but competitive gaming has never lost my interest. Just recently I came to the conclusion that I just miss the competitiveness in gaming. I started some CoD2-mixing with my old digitalMind friends and played a little bit of CoD4. I always had something against CoD4 but with the recent ProMod-release that has changed! I actually like CoD4 now and after playing a bit I got in touch with these lads, who wanted to give me a chance.

I’m very excited about being a part of this lineup and of the Crack Clan organisation. Thanks for having faith in me and for taking us aboard!”

Crack Clan COD4 is as follows:

Jasdev “JUSZN” Virdee

Ryan “Duffer” Duffy

Chris “nreo” Mead

Daniel “L-KiNG” Luther

Nick “solz” Schurink

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