Crack Clan TF2 Off Season Changes

compton5mg2On top of welcoming our French TF2 team Crack Clan TF2 is seeing some off season changes after their fantastic first season. Santa has chosen to leave the team to pursue others for next season and we wish him luck with that – his meowing will be missed! BvD has taken the position of full time backup due to having real life things to do (read: Chasing skirts all summer.) This was something confirmed mid season. Retsh0ck has decided to remain soldier for next season, therefore we have been looking for a skilled Demoman and Soldier. It is with great pleasure we can finally announce our new soldier after searching for a long time.

Welcome (back) to Crack Clan compton!
Hey whatup, I’m compton, a Finnish guy in love with TF2. I’ve been playing Soldier in cvx/Breeze/Crack Clan 2 and The MIPC Organization and more recently Demoman in Catching Bullets. Switching back to Soldier for Crack Clan feels like coming back to home, to be honest. After playing a few games with Psun, r0cky, Tom and Retsh0ck they made me feel welcome, and to get that kind of support right from the start feels great and I’m looking forward to our first officials with the upcoming full roster! I’m 21, I work at an IT company as an all-around technical assistant, I enjoy sushi, dubstep, coffee and white wines. When I miss my rockets, I stop missing and start hitting instead. True story.

During our off season period we are taking some time to enjoy TF2 in the Ubercharge league and have signed up to ETF2L’s All Fucking Summer league. Hopefully we will find our ideal demoman soon – for now, bring out the cake!

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