Crack Clan TF2 Update

Welcome to this weeks TF2 News thingymabobber!(tentative name!)

The New Kids On The Block, Crack Clan Paroxysm, have sent everyone at the top tier of TF2 a message this week. Flying the Crack Clan banner high by performing outstandingly in PCW’s. The highlight of which must be their comfortable win over Team Refuse, an ex premier division team. This shows a lot of promise for the team and hopefully the good form can continue into the pre-season and main season of ETF2L9.

Thursday the 3rd of February saw cc//Blu take on EsportsHeaven’s One Night Wonder #7, a one night cup based around the map ctf_turbine_pro_b1, a remake of an old classic tf2 Capture the Flag map. The tournament was played with 3 10 Minute Rounds, first to 5 caps each and best of the 3 rounds wins. In the first game we played against a mostly German team called nuBreed and we won the first 10 minute round 5-0 in 4 minutes, a resounding success with a lot of very aggressive pushes forming the basis of a “all out attack is the best defense”.

Due to a few bad decisions and the enemy team become more able to defend against the “all out attack” strategy, the second round was a lot closer, being a 4-3 loss, the rounds were now drawn 1-1 and the final round would decide the outcome of the very first match in the tournament. We managed to pickup our aggressive pushes and take the win 5 caps to 3 in about 5 minutes. They managed to counter our offensive strategy quite well by being offensive themselves. A personal best of the night here for myself (Enef) taking 7 kills, 1 capture, 4 assists and only 1 death. Screenshot!

Onwards to the second round! Against a Russian team called Versus, personally i had heard of these guys a few times and knew this would be one of our tougher games. Unfortunately they were much more coordinated and pretty much just outplayed us all over the map, we took a hell of a beating from them and they deserved the win. We lost the first 2 rounds of the game 5-2 and 5-0. Good games and well played to everyone! We showed in both maps that we aren’t to be taken too lightly and with some work that we can push forward strongly and achieve what we all want.

Crack Clan Green have had a quiet few weeks due to people having exams and a couple of computer problems, as well as work commitments etc. They are hoping to fix the activity issues in the coming week and push on towards the Pre-Season of Season 9 in ETF2L strongly, looking at finishing in a top division 5 or even promotion to division 4. I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing them the best of luck! We believe in you guys!

Good luck and Have Fun.

-Nathan “Enef” Firth

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