Crack Clan Welcomes Ben Woodward

Crack Clan are proud to be able to announce the addition of former London  Mint General Manager Ben Woodward to our organization in the role of Business Development Manager. He will be working alongside Luke Cotton to spearhead our assault on the professional gaming scene, utilising his extensive management, PR and marketing expertise to aid the growth of Crack Clan.

Ben has been involved in eSports since he was 18, when he travelled to his first event in Dallas. Since that time, he has travelled to more than 15 countries around the world as General Manager for the 4Kings organization and then London Mint, the News Corporation owned CGS franchise. He has also worked for SteelSeries ApS in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ben Woodward had the following to say:
“It feels great to be back in management after a brief period away from all the glitz and glamour. After receiving several offers from UK and EU based teams one offer stood out above them all, Crack Clan. I feel the challenge presented to me to help the team grow into a globally recognised brand is one I cannot turn down. This team has a wealth of potential up-coming talent and a mixture of some seasoned professionals, this is a perfect setup for me as I aim to grow the team into a force that can take on the big boys of eSports.
I cannot achieve any of this without the current managerial setup within Crack Clan, so I look forward to working with them as we continue to grow.  Watch out for Crack Clan.”

Crack Clan founder Marek “dox” Pawlowski gave the following statement:
“Our commitment to our players, fans and organization are further aided by the proven capabilities and remarkable insight that Mr. Woodward adds to the team.  I am personally thrilled to have someone of his stature join what I consider an executive staff with legendary potential and give us the opportunity to advance our initiatives by way of his talent.  We eagerly look forward to accomplishing great things this year!”

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