Crack refresh CS1.6 lineup

Following a disappointing 3rd place at Kode5 Spain last weekend, our CounterStrike 1.6 team have decided to refresh their lineup, with the departure of Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen, Niko “naSu” Kovanen and Matti “SPIKEONE” Järvinen. Regretfully, the former two players, lurppis and naSu have decided to retire from CounterStrike, as they have lost the motivation to continue playing after recent sub-par performances and the cancellation of a number of events due to the current economic climate. They will be replaced by Tino “tihOp” Puumala and Jirka “jigetus” Ryhti. The team also made a unanimous decision to replace SPIKEONE with Max “ruuit” Aspe.

We would like to thank all three of these players who have acted with the upmost professionalism, making them a pleasure to work with, and wish them good luck with their future endeavours.

Crack CS1.6 is now:

  • Juuso “contE” Sajakoski
  • Samu “plastE” Aalto
  • Max “ruuit” Aspe
  • Tino “tihOp” Puumala
  • Jirka “jigetus” Ryhti

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